Want to buy a Mega Shoebox?

I am not currently taking orders for mega shoeboxes

I have a back log to get through before Christmas, and then I think I will be taking a break from building them for a while.

Try my free plans and build your own one instead!

I get a lot of emails from people who want to purchase a Mega Shoebox from me.

In the interest of saving time, I thought I’d post this up here and simply link to it in future:

I charge $500 per box. This includes a $250 deposit which is non refundable once I start work on it.

Balance is due on completion, before pickup. So if you bank deposit the final payment, that’s fine, but you can’t pick up the box until the payment clears. Cash is king, people.

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I do accept interstate orders, but there are a few conditions:

  • You source the mover and cover all costs. On my end I do nothing other than provide you with a pickup point and time. Don’t ask me, I will not organise it for you.
  • I can wrap it securely in new bubble wrap for you at a cost.
  • I build the boxes to be as strong and robust as possible, but I don’t know what 24hrs bumping and shaking around in the back of a truck will do to them. All I can say is that when it leaves my workshop, it will be in A1 condition, I take no responsibility for what happens to it after that.
  • Pickup address for you to get a delivery quote is Fawkner, Victoria. Postcode 3060.

I only deliver if you are near me, and I charge for it.  I will deliver them to most areas near me depending on the distance, delivery fee starting from $50. I can only fit one box in my car, so if you order more than one, I will have to charge the delivery fee separately on each.

You are most welcome to pick up your completed Shoebox yourself, in fact, I prefer it!

I cannot deliver it to you overseas! Trust me, you do not want to have to pay the delivery on one of these. It would be cheaper in most cases to simply fly me to your house, have me build it, and then fly me home again. First Class. Ok maybe a slight exaggeration but still, it’s a giant wooden box, it’s not worth the ridiculous amount that international delivery would entail.

All contact with me will be via email, not over the phone. I promise I’m not dodgy, I just do woodworking for fun! I have a fulltime job so I can’t take phonecalls during the day to discuss orders and things like that, but I’m happy to do so over email. If talking on the phone is important to you, don’t order through me.

I allow myself at least 2 weeks to build each box from date of deposit received, though I try to get them done faster than that. However depending on my workload it may be longer in some cases, this we can confirm before you pay.

  • The boxes are sized roughly 1000x700x450
  • They easily fit 16 pairs of shoes.
  • Made from quality 18mm plywood;
  • Painted on the outside only;
  • One large sticker on top (roughly 40x35cm);
  • Two or three stickers on the sides, roughly 10x14cm;
  • In either the two drawer or hinge lid design as seen on my website.
Two Drawer Style
Two Drawer Style
Hinged Lid Style
Hinged Lid Style

If you are still interested in ordering one, feel free to contact me!


    • Hi Tonya, possibly in March, for an April/May build and delivery. However I probably won’t be making the large ones which hold 16 pairs of mens shoes at all, they are too big for me to handle. I will be making them effectively half the size, to easily store 8 pairs of mens size 13s. I’ll add your email to my list for when I begin again. I won’t be making many, I just don’t have the time anymore.

  1. Hoi, about the jordan stickers, have you to pay for patent, if you want to sell this shoe box?
    I’m from Belgium and i have customers that wanne buy this shoe box.

    Thanks! love your site!

    • Hi there, I think if you were going to sell these as a proper business, it would be in your own best interest to speak to a lawyer first and get their advice. I was happy to risk it as I only made a few, I don’t see how it would be worth nike or adidas or whoever elses time or money to sue me. But, I could be completely wrong…best to speak to your lawyer if you are worried!

  2. Hi!
    Just wondering if you would courier to Perth? (I would source and pay for the courier). Also, are you able to do a pink Jordan logo?

  3. Hi! Excellent work by the way!!! do I have to ask for the link for the plans??? Or is the link around here somewhere??? Thank you very much for your help!! 🙂

  4. Would delivery to NZ be costly? Or considerably cheaper given its quite close to Melbourne? Would it be cheaper/possible or make delivery to NZ possible if the box was fully painted and cut to shape, and then shipped in pieces and assembled here in NZ (Kitset style)?

  5. Hi do you have the plans to build these that you can give me. I’m a high school Woodshop teacher, and I’m trying to find ways to keep the kids learning about stuff they like. Not to mention keeps them out of trouble.

  6. Hi I just want to ask how much did u spend on building this box and how much did u pay for sticker and where I can get that sticker?

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the plans for the giant shoe box. I managed to build one for my boyfriend and it turned out great. 🙂

  8. hello,

    im from holland and i want to make my own shoebox thanks for the plans!!
    i have only one question how much square meter(m2) do i need for the hinged lid style?

    Thank you mate and have a nice weekend!

    Kindly Regards

    • It sounds like a good idea, but the tolerances would have to be extremely high if I was predrilling holes and people were self assembling. If I miss a hole by 5mm it will ruin the whole box. Nice in theory but not something I could do from my home shop I don’t think.


    • Just metric I’m afraid. Not that hard to figure out though, just decide on the size of the box, cut your base that size and then cut everything else to fit. You don’t even have to measure that much once you get going. 🙂

    • Hi Youri, I get mine printed up from local signwriters. I just went to a couple of markets and found guys who print car stickers, personalised t-shirts and things like that. They generally all have a vinyl cutter as well.

  10. Hi I love your YouTube videos I’m from United States there’s a high demand for shoe boxes over here is there a way I can get the blue print I would love to try and make I’m very interested I wish you was located in the states please respond ASAP thanks

  11. Hei, I like this prodject a lot, but im live in Norway (beside Sweden ;)) and want to make one for myself. Is it possible to get the plans/size for every wooden board? And what materials are you using? If you could send me a mail it would be perfect or just send me an answer her. Hope for answer. Arne (sorry for my bad english)

    • I build these and from experience I would have to say that the two drawer style is slightly easier but not by a large margin

      • Got any photos Hitch? Love to see em. I haven’t really thought about which is easier, I’d probably lean towards the hinge version slightly. But for use and safety, the two drawers is my favourite all the way.

  12. Hello I would to have one of the shoe box for myself, unfortunately I live in Perth WA, do you think you are able to ship the box to WA 6103, I will pay the delivery for a reasonable price.

  13. Hi unfortunately you live way to far from me to build me a shoe box for my Adidas trainer collection for nearly 30months I have been in hospital had some 57 operations & can no longer work but I have managed to accumulate nearly 50 pairs of trainers & I would love to build my own storage box to house them
    The ones that you build are amazing but obviously I live in the UK so I am asking you if possible you could help me with some pointers or dimensions to make my very own boxes I am not doing it to make money it’s merely for my own shoe collection if you could help I would be very very grateful
    My name is Jason I am still very ill & have no idea how long I have left in this world so I am asking you from the bottom of my heart if u could help me I have all the correct tools I have even bought a table saw etc to help me along the way like I say it’s merely for my own collection so if you could help me that would be great
    Yours hopefully

    • Hi Jason, thanks for contacting me. That’s terrible news, I hope things start to look up for you soon. As for dimensions for the boxes, did you see the plans I posted on this page? They are in both SketchUp and PDF format. However they are the first set of plans I drew up for these boxes so use them as a guide rather than a complete step by step manual, I make mine from 18mm now. I do want to update both sets of plans, I just haven’t been able to get around to it as yet. Yell out if you have any trouble though, happy to help. Regards, Mario

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