Fit It’s new name, Contest Winners and a Release Date!

Are you ready for it? I know you’ve been on tenterhooks…so here you go!

The long awaited new title for my panel layout software is….Fit It!

Wow, what a let-down huh? What can I say? It won the voting. Like all good comps, there was some controversy around the voting too. I originally had ‘CutSmart’ listed as an option which was looking like it would win, but had to pull it out after I realised there already was a similar product with that name on the market. Apologies to all who voted for that option.

Close, but Fit It got the chocolates.

Sooo…rather than award myself a free version of the program for coming up with the name, (as fun as that would have been), the prize of one free copy of Fit It will go to Henry Wirries who suggested the name CutSmart, sort of a compensation prize if you like.

And the winner of the ‘vote & share’ free copy goes to…..Luke Pettit! Thanks for voting & sharing Luke, and of course to everybody else who did the same, it’s very much appreciated.

I’ll contact both of you over the next week with a link to download Fit It once it’s released.

As for Fit It itself, well, we’re in the home stretch. I was hoping to release it today to be honest, but there are a few last minute patches that need to be applied and some small improvements to be made as well. Just small stuff that I want to test and improve really, hopefully no major problems rear their heads up. I also want to post a couple of ‘how to’ videos to show how to use Fit It.

Many thanks to my testers who have given me great feedback and suggestions along the way, the program is a lot more fleshed out and well rounded now than it was before. I’ve even received back a few project layouts created by the testers that they are planning on building themselves, all signs point to Fit It being a great tool in keeping efficiency high and costs low.

I’m currently writing a small User Guide and FAQ section for my site so that if you have any questions I have somewhere to direct you. I think I’d like to be able to have a section where readers can post their own layout files for others to download and use as well, that would be pretty cool to have.

I can’t wait to release it to see what people think, and I plan on doing so next week, Wednesday the 20th of May, if all goes well.

So tell your friends, tell your family and tell your enemies too dammit!

Fit It is almost ready to be released!

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