Fit It – The Release!

Oh wow this feels great to finally say…Fit It is finally available for purchase!

See the new menu item up there? Click it! Aw heck, I’ll make it easy, click this button! 

I’ve also put up a trial version that you can download for free, you’ll find the link on this page here. The trial version is limited in a few ways. It is designed to be useful firstly to see if you can load and run the program correctly, and then secondly to let you have a look at the program and feel it out a bit.

Gee it’s been a long process to get to this stage, but there comes a time when you have to say no to implementing new features and tweaks into a program, and just package it all up, that time has finally come.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all who took part in the testing and gave feedback, it is very much appreciated. It’s always good having a different set of eyes looking at something, and it’s made a big difference to the final look of Fit It. All those testers who were kind enough to provide me with constructive feedback will receive the full release version as well, as way of a thank you.

I’ve also written a couple of information pages with some more background info as well. Hopefully they will be helpful for any potential customers. You can find them in the menu up above, hover over the ‘Fit It’ entry.

As for the price, I’ve decided on $19aud. (I think that converts to about $14usd.)

There’s a few factors I took in to set the price.

  • For starters, that’s pretty much all that I would spend on a product like this. We’re a family of five living off of one wage, I don’t have cash to spare. Anything more than twenty bucks is something I really need to sit and think about whether or not I need.
  • It’s MUCH cheaper than similar programs available. I don’t see them being targeted to the hobbyist woodworker at the prices they are sold at. The more expensive ones have lots of other features, but the average woodworker has no need for those features or the $99 entrance price. I’m an average woodworker and I want a program like this, I figure others want to be able to afford it too.
  • I put the call out for what price expectations would be to the testers. Most of the responses were around the $30 mark, a few at $50, and even a couple compared it to cabinet making software they have used and they recommended near $100. Hopefully by positioning myself under the average expectation, that will translate to a few more sales.

Even though I’ve designed it to be fairly straight forward, I will release a couple of videos in the coming weeks showing how to use it. I did try to film them this past week, but I’ve just received some sad news about my dog, I’m not really feeling up to standing in front of the camera at the moment.

But I’m very excited about the release, it’s a real achievement for me, I’ve no idea what to expect. Though honestly, it really doesn’t matter. If I get 10 people buying it, I’ll consider it a success! It cost me nothing but time and taught me a lot. But hey, if more than 10 people buy it, that’s awesome too!

So I’ll end this post by saying once again, Hey! Fit It is released! Click here to buy it!

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  1. Mario,

    Also on Mac you can’t save them as pictures. It brings up the window to save but no file gets saved. any suggestions?

    • Hi Juan, I only found out about this a few days ago, it didn’t show up during testing. I’m actively looking for a fix to this, but I don’t have a Mac so it takes time for me to get test results back. Could you let me know what versions of OSX and Java you are running? If you don’t mind I’ll also send you a beta version over the next couple of days to help track down and patch this bug?

  2. Mario,

    Is it possible to add a function to delete panels via a shortcut on the keyboard and or make it possible to delete multiple at a time since right now you have to delete individual one at a time.

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