Dutch Door for the Workshop

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve built all year. I made this back in March or April, but I just now decided to turn the raw video into a YouTube edit. I built this dutch door for my workshop in around 4 hours, not including glue up time of course. The whole thing was made from scrap wood I found in the shop, the door frame is made from cedar boards which are the offcuts from a pergola I built a few years ago and the plywood was leftover from another project.

You’ll see just how messy and disorganized the shop was too, I’d just started to bring everything inside as this was filmed at the end of Autumn; the weather had just started to turn and I really needed to block up the doorway. Over summer I had stapled some flyscreen over the entire doorway, that was great for airflow and keeping out the flies, but once it started to get cold and wet, well, wire mesh isn’t great at keeping the rain out surprisingly.

Not fancy, but functional.
Not fancy, but functional.

I thought it might be nice to have a barn type door that would let me shut the bottom to keep kids, dogs and dirt out, while having the top half open to let air and lots of light in.

This took around 4 hours to build from start to finish, with about, ooh, 15 minutes planning. 🙂

All I knew was I wanted a dutch door, and I wanted it to cost me nothing at all. I spent a few minutes figuring out how I would have to cut the cedar up to make sure I had enough to go around, and then got to it. This explains the less the professional filming, I did this all on the fly so just filmed everything. I had far too much video at the end, and a lot of it was poor quality. Hence, I’ve just gone for a simple, fast motion, no narration style video.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t give you motion sickness!

I don’t think plans for this door would be very helpful for anyone, it’s quite a narrow doorway, unlikely that others will want it. If people ask, I’ll put together a sketchup model. But it was great fun to build and I love seeing it when I walk in the shop. It’s functional and attractive. My intention was to replace the fly screen I have over the window with a glass pane, but after going through a full wet winter, I think I might just leave the mesh there. The rain doesn’t come in unless it basically rains sideways, and it gives air a path in to move dust around so I’m happy with that.

One thing I do still need to install is a handle… I’ve got one ready to go, but I don’t have a hole saw big enough. The backyard is a lot cleaner now than it was when I filmed this, so I’ll have to get the handle installed soon, it’s turned into a doorway that I use a fair bit. It also needs a proper jamb around it on the outside but that has to wait until I work on the outside walls of the shop.

I built it around 6 months ago and it has held up perfectly so far. And for a total cost of about $4, I don’t think I could have done much better.

Have you ever built a door? Give it a shot, it’s good fun and surprisingly easy.

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