Christmas Baubles & The Last Minute Elf

Monster dabbing away!

It’s Christmas time!


I’ve been getting the kids excited since September, lots of Christmas movies and crafts have been happening in the Woodfather household lately!

Monster dabbing away!
Monster dabbing away!

Adding to the Reindeer I made a couple of weeks ago, I’ve now also made some plywood Christmas Baubles. These are as simple as it gets. I traced around a large paint can for the ball, then just free-handed the top section until it looked right. Using the same techniques as I did for the Reindeer, I was able to quickly create 9 of these on the router table.

I sprayed gold paint across the top section. Then the kiddies and I decorated them with paint and glitter. We also put a few coats of spray poly across them to help protect the colour and glitter from the sun & rain. Sun & rain, at the same time, good old Melbourne.

I planned on posting a template for these, but they really are just so simple to make, no template needed! A couple more Reindeer are planned for this weekend then we’re probably done for this year; Santa and his Sleigh were planned but may have to wait for next year 🙁 It’s not the end of the world, I’d rather have the time to do it right than rush it before Christmas this year.

My little Star, painting a Star
My little Star, painting a Star

Also I’m really excited to say that my Childrens Picnic Table plans won a prize on Tom Iovino’s wood working site, Tom’s Workbench! Super excited to say that actually!

If you haven’t already checked out his Last Minute Elf project what are you waiting for? Tom has a great collection of woodworking gift projects you can make for friends and family quickly, no excuses!

I can’t wait for the Fine Woodworking DVD prize to arrive, Christmas is coming early this year!

I never said I was an artist...
I never said I was an artist…
Still not an artist I know...
Still not an artist I know…



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