Building my Shop Radio

These days I tend to only get shop time in on the weekends as I work a fairly regular monday to friday job. And a problem with that is that in Australia the main football competition, Aussie Rules (AFL), is played predominately on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I used to have a TV in the garage so I could watch the game while working away, but after a short time I realised that I was sitting still and watching the game, no progress was being made on the projects in front of me.

So I unplugged the tv and went looking for a radio to take its place, but I couldn’t find anything suitable for the shop at a price I liked, so the obvious answer was to roll my own. I really like the look of the radios of yesteryear, the cathedral, tombstone or even the plain rectangle box ones. After a bit of research I decided that the tombstone shape was my favourite so started planning and designing one that was perfect for my needs.

Seeing as it was going to be a radio which I used mainly for listening to the footy broadcast, I thought it was only fitting to use the classic logo design on it from the team I’ve followed since I was a kid, the Carlton Football Club, they’re known simply as ‘the Blues’. They’ve been around a little while, they were formed in 1864…and no that’s not a typo, they are 153 years old. They’ve redesigned the logo a couple times over the years, but the design I went for is the classic look that I remember seeing on the jumpers when I was a kid, it brings back great memories.

But enough about that, I’ll have more about my design, the thought process with the build and the hardware used in an article next week. Today, I’m posting the actual build.

Hope you enjoy!


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