Building a solid and cheap Workbench – Video Part Two

Flattening the slab top with a router, gluing up the frame, and hiding all of my mistakes!

All this and more in Part Two of building my workbench!

Why wait? Click play!

Once again, I’ll add more detail about each step in a weeks time.

You can click the image below to download the sketchup model I made for this project. The main differences from the model to the actual bench are that in the model I have the leg braces tenoned into the frame. In reality I essentially gave up here and just bolted them together. It has made no impact on the integrity of the frame, it is still solid as a rock.

You can find the first part of the video here, and the first part writeup here.

I hope you like the way this bench turned out, I certainly love working with it and think it is fantastic, but I guess it is possible that I’m a little bit biased… 🙂


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