Building a Plywood Bandsaw

Bandsaw Build - part 1
Bandsaw Build - part 1

3 and a 1/2 years ago I decided I wanted to build a bandsaw, so I went and bought plans from Matthias Wandel over at So that means that for 3 and a half years I’ve been putting this build off because I’ve been scared of stuffing it up! And obviously the more you put off something that you are intimidated by, the more intimidating it becomes!

Sometimes though, it takes someone else to give you that kick you need to get up and do a job, and for me it was watching Alain (the woodpecker) start his bandsaw build a few weeks ago. He is an amazing woodworker and his videos are generally my favourite ones to watch as he shows each step, whether it was successful or not. Seeing him build the very same project that I’ve been putting off for so long has *shame-spired me into building my own.

I’m far from the first to build a wooden bandsaw, but I am doing things a little differently, possibly not for the better either. Matthias is extremely clear in his instructions that you should not build the frame from plywood, it is just not supposed to be strong enough. He is extremely clear about that. I absolutely respect the man, after all he designed this machine, but for some reason my mind just won’t accept that plywood isn’t strong enough.

So, I’m making my frame from plywood.

I’ve got a bunch of other reasons as to why I’m doing it this way and I’ll drop them into the second episode of this series, but for now, just assume that it is because I’m a fool. 🙂

Now that I’ve got the ball rolling on this project, I am really excited to continue. At the current moment the saw is at the state that you see it in the beginning of the video, the frame is essentially complete. The next big step is the building and mounting of the wheels which I’m going to start up on tomorrow. I’ve already bought the bearings and steel shaft so here’s hoping I can make some progress there.

  • Shamed, and inspired at the same time. I feel should patent that word.
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