A picture frame jig and some photo frames

At last count, I have over 20,000 photos on my computer of my family and our the lives from the past ten years.

I maybe have 10 photos actually printed out and on display around the house. I really want that to change, so this year I’ve been making photo frames every few weeks.

This week I decided to make a jig to make this process a lot easier.

I’ve been looking around for a jig and David Piciutto’s Ultimate Picture Frame Sled seemed to be the obvious choice. It is simple, well documented, and from all accounts, very effective. So that’s the one I went for.

I made it in an hour or two from scraps and a $5 metal ruler. In Dave’s version he uses a toggle clamp to keep the end block in place, I’m picking a clamp up next week so in the meantime, I’m just screwing the block to my sled directly.

Also, as it is not my jig design, I gloss over the build of it and focus more on the frames I make with it instead, enjoy!


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