Pam Poovey Scrollsaw Art

A couple of months back a good friend of mine at work got me interested in a tv show I’d heard of, but never watched. It’s called Archer, it’s a cartoon, but it is definitely not for children. The humour is very dark and cheeky, but also incredibly hilarious. Out of all the ‘out there’ characters, the overly inappropriate Pam Poovey is my absolute favourite.

Seeing as I’m going to be pumping out a few shop projects over the next month (hopefully), I figured now was a good time to make an easy little art type project. So I decided to make a silhouette cutout of Pam and her dolphin puppet, and make a nice little frame for it to go in.

There aren’t many high end techniques used in this video, but it’s a quick and easy one to watch, so hopefully, enjoy!

Oh, and go and watch Archer, just, not with your kids nearby!

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