Building a Plywood Bandsaw – Part Two Frame

Bandsaw Build - part 2
Bandsaw Build - part 2

The build is coming along just swimmingly!

At the end of this video I have pretty much the entire frame complete. It’s all puttied up and sanded smooth.

Though to be honest I could probably spend a bit more time sanding it if I wanted.

I do a bit of talking at the end of this one, and sort of enjoyed it too. Hmm, that’s scary for you, hope it isn’t too boring!

The next part of this series will have the wheels being made, I use MDF, and then as much more as I can fit into it!

I’ve just started playing around with the motor so I’m excited to hook it up soon and see what happens.

Regardless of how this turns out, it’s been great fun making it!

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