Free Plans

These plans are absolutely free. Fine to share, just don’t pass them off as your own please!

If you make something, feel free to send a photo or two of your work to me through Twitter or Facebook. I’d love to see your results.

Or you can email me here (you’ll need to type the address in yourself): email-address

You can find out more about SketchUp here.

  1. Want/ need to build a garage foldup workbench. I need to use the minimum wall/floorspace under it for mower etc. Any minimal skills plans available ?
    Rick W

    • Unfortunately not. I made that table maybe 7 or 8 years ago, it was only planned on pen and paper back then.
      I’ll try do a little write up with dimensions shortly though if that helps. Cheers, Mario

  2. I made your single blade jig I’m going to try it out tomorrow Sat 9th April
    It’s wonderful to have people like you around that is willing to put plans out there for others to use keep up the good work cheers Jim

  3. I noticed in you single blade box joint video you used a square sled jig to cut your small spacer blocks. You don’t happen to have a plan for that jig also do you? I am going to make the box joint jig within the next couple of days. My table saw arbor is too small for a Dado stack. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to mention your videos and site to others up here in Canada. I’m actually visiting Australia for work in feb/mar. Looking forward to it.

    • Hi Nick, guessing you mean just the small sled I use? No I don’t have plans, but I do need to remake it, that one is a couple years old now and can certainly be improved. Cheers for the idea, I think I might knock something together soon. Thanks very much for your kind words, it’s much appreciated. Hope you enjoy your time here in Aus, I’m actually about to go on a holiday to get out of the country myself! 🙂 (Apologies for not replying sooner, been some stuff going on.)

  4. Thanks for sharing your single blade box joint jig. It’s a rarity to get anything worthwhile FREE these days. Please know that you are appreciated!

  5. I’m looking for a different box jig built on it’s own small sled I think you had a video making it ,it was smaller than the one I try to search for. Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks Jack

  6. We have just made our first reindeer with more to come. The grandkids are over the moon. We will be keeping a watch out for more christmas projects to do with our 6 grandkids.

    Thanks mate.

    • That’s fantastic, be sure to send an email through or post it on the facebook page, I’d love to see how they came out. Definitely more Christmas themed projects to come, I want to have my garden full this year so I’m starting them soon!

  7. Great blog. I involve all of the kids in the neighborhood in making stuff. They are now 9 and 11 but at 9 two of the kids made a picnic table with handsaws (I did most of it), drill, hammer, nails, screws, pocket holes, etc. No I will not let them near the chop saw or router. The kids love to help especially when I am the safety officer and extra clamp.

    As for plans bring’em on.

    • Hi Jake, that’s quite funny that you say that, I actually had my little boy helping me just earlier today to build some kids picnic tables. He was in charge of passing the bolts to me, I counted them before and after! I should get some plans online by this weekend fingers crossed. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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