Fit It – Create, Save & Import

Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating a few short tutorial type videos to help users get the best out of Fit It.

The first one today is simply about creating a layout, saving it, and then importing more copies of it in to your layout. This is extremely helpful for when you are batching out multiples of the one project, or for when you want to use the same sheetgoods to make two or more different projects. Save money and time by laying out all the required panels at once.

This is the exact reason I first built Fit IT. I had an order for 2 Mega Shoeboxes and didn’t want to waste money in making the cuts up as I went along. Instead I used Fit It to combine the cutlist and create a panel layout for two boxes, and saved three quarters of a sheet of ply in the process.

It’s a pretty simple procedure, have a look below.

Don’t forget if you’d like to try Fit It out you can download a free trial from here.

Or you can buy it from here:  

And thanks heaps to everyone who has bought it already, it’s not setting the world on fire but it’s going as good as I could ever expect it to. And the best part is that the feedback has been so positive. I was worried that people might complain and say it wasn’t worth it but it’s been the exact opposite of that.

If you create a layout with Fit It for a project and you’d like to share it, just email it over to me.

I’d like to host a bunch of layouts on the site so users can easily grab the projects they want and import them into their own layouts. I’ll add more info about this soon.




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