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Download the Fit It trial version!

The download is a ~2mb .zip file.

  • You cannot open, import or save layouts.
  • You cannot export images.
  • Only 7 panels may be added. (Unlimited in full version.)

It is a limited use trial version, so that you can be sure that the program will run on your system and so you can get a feel for how it works.

I’ve tried to make Fit It as straight forward as possible, so hopefully most users will have no trouble working with it.

But something that is obvious to me, may not be to someone else, so here are some answers to what I think will be common questions from new users.

If you’ve had a read through here but have a question, problem or a suggestion, feel free to contact me.

  • Why can't I export images?!!?

    There are two reasons why.

    One is simply that you have tried to save to a protected folder, something inside "Program Files" or "C:\Windows" or similar. Java by default does not have access to these types of folders, if you select a different folder, you should have no problem saving your images.

    However I've just discovered a small quirk for Apple users running OSX 10.9.3 and higher. It looks as though Apple has disabled the function that I use to save images. I'm actively searching for a work around to this and will release an update to Fit It to patch this as soon as I can.

    Apologies, this did not show up during testing or I would not have released it.

  • How do I get started?

    Once you've purchased Fit It, you will receive an email with a download link to the program.

    The download will contain a .Zip file, which contains the Fit It program and a few sample layout files to get you started.

    There is no install process for Fit It, simply extract all the files to a folder, and run the file named 'Fit It.jar'

    You NEED to have Java installed to run Fit It.

    You can download the latest version of Java from here, no PC restart necessary. 

  • I don't like Java, how do I run Fit It?

    You can't.

    Maybe in the future I will port it to another language, but I used Fit It as a learning tool for Java.

    If you want to pay me lots of money, ok, I'll learn a different language and port Fit It for you.

    Lots of money. 🙂

  • How do I change to Imperial (Inches) measurements?

    Fit It, 'out of the box', is set to use the Metric system.
    To change, from the menu bar select EDIT -> SET UNITS.

    Fit It will remember this selection for next time.

  • How do I change the Window size or go Full Screen?

    At the moment, you cannot.

    Testing the program very quickly showed me, that what looks nice on one screen, can look terrible on another.

    The multitude of screen resolutions and aspect ratios meant the panel alignment would never work out perfectly for every situation, so regrettably, I had to settle for a fixed width window.

    I haven't given up on allowing users to resize the window, I just need to work more on it before I can release it.

    (Of course, if you purchase now, you are entitled to future updates which will include the Window resize fix.)

  • How do I add panels and sheets?
  • How do I select Grain Direction?

    In the floating toolbar you have 3 options for grain direction.
    The default is None.

    In this image from top to bottom we have, None; Horizontal or on the short width; Vertical or on the long width.

    If you select a grain direction for a panel, you MUST also create a sheet with a set grain direction as well, or the autosort algorithm cannot place it.

    However a panel that has no grain direction set, CAN be sorted onto a sheet that has grain direction.

    AutoSort will always place the panel in the correct orientation, but you can override it and rotate the panel around manually if you wish.

    AutoSort will always get the grain direction correct, but it does not know how you want the grain to flow across multiple panels. You will have to manually manipulate the panels in most cases if this is what you need. (eg: You want 6 drawer faces to have the same grain through them.)

  • How do I use the AutoSort button?

    Just click it! Simple as that. Ok, there is a little bit more to it.

    Each click of the button will create a new layout. Each layout is designed to be cut on a tablesaw, so each cut is expected to go from one end to the other of the sheet, no stopped cuts.

    When Fit It creates a layout for you, you first cut the sheet into columns, and then you can slice each column up into the individual panels. This means that you may not get the most space efficient layout, but you will get one that is space and time efficient.

    In most cases the perfect layout will present itself within the first couple of tries, but if not, simply keep clicking, soon enough you will find what you are looking for.

    The only proviso is when you have lots of panels with a grain direction set. You may find that you will need to click the AutoSort quite a few times before Fit It comes up with the ideal layout. (So instead of a layout being made in 3 seconds, it might take 30 seconds...)

    Grain direction makes layouts quite difficult to come by automatically, but you can always manually manipulate the panels to create the perfect fit.

  • How do I manually manipulate panels?

    It's just a standard click and drag process to move a panel.

    Hover the mouse over a panel, hold the Left mouse button down and move the mouse; the panel will center itself on the mouse and move with you.

    To rotate a panel, Right click on it, it will rotate 90 degrees.

    As you drag a panel around, it will 'stick' to the edges of the sheet it is on, or to the edges of nearby panels (leaving a kerf sized gap inbetween them)

    Any Panel which is overlapping another panel, overhanging a sheet, or on a sheet of a different thickness will show up in red, to alert you that something is wrong.

  • How do I Edit or Delete Panels & Sheets after creating them?

    Double clicking on an actual panel; double clicking on a panel in the list box; or right clicking on a panel in the listbox and selecting the Edit option will all bring up an Edit menu.

    For a Sheet; by double clicking on its entry in the listbox or right clicking on its entry and selecting Edit from the popup menu.

    To Delete a sheet or Panel, Right click on the listbox entry and select the delete option.

    You can only Edit or Delete one panel or sheet at a time.

  • How do I set my desired Kerf?

    From the menu, EDIT -> SET KERF

    I find a wider than actual kerf is best, as you then have a little 'play' room when actually cutting the wood.

    The new kerf value will update when you next click AutoSort, or, if you drag a panel around.

    You may notice at times that the gap between two panels is thicker or thinner than the surrounding ones, or that the kerf seems larger when manually placed compared to those from the AutoSort.
    This is due to the screen resolution of your system and is not an error. All kerf lines are the exact same width, it's just that the way your screen renders the panels makes it seem like one is thinner than the other.

  • How do I open a layout file?

    A Fit It layout file is simply a text, or .txt, file.

    When you purchase Fit It, included in the download are a few sample layouts for you to play around with.

    From the menu, select FILE -> OPEN LAYOUT, then select one of these startup files or a layout file you have created.

    If you Open (or Load) a file, you will lose any data in Fit It which you have not already saved.

  • How do I add multiple copies of a project for batching out?

    From the menu, select FILE -> IMPORT
    Then select the layout file to import.

    Once selected, you will be prompted for the number of times you wish to add the project to your layout.

    All panels and sheets in the layout file will be added to your project n times.

  • How do I get images of my layouts?

    From the menu FILE -> EXPORT
    Then select from Colour or Black and White.

    You will then be prompted to choose a folder to save the images in.

    Fit It exports a single .PNG image for each sheetgood in your project.
    It also lists under the actual image, each panel that is on that sheet and it's dimensions.

    You can transfer the images to your phone or tablet; or print them out to take into the shop.

    A - 2400x1200x180

  • How do I update the program?

    In the menu, there is an 'Update' option.

    When you select it, Fit It will check on my server for a newer version of itself. If it finds one, it will download the ZIP file for you and save it in the same directory that Fit It currently is in.

    Similar to the original purchase email link, you will have to unzip this file yourself to run the new version.

    Your purchase of Fit It entitles you to any updates designated 1.x.x.

  1. Will you ever consider porting the app to Android? I bought a copy right at the beginning and find it very useful to just quickly check how many of a size board will fit into a off cut sheet…. My problem is I have to walk in to my house every time. This would be great to have on a table or even a large phone (like my Samsung Note 4) to just quickly do that sort of check via you app.

    • Hi Cecil, thanks for your email.
      To be honest, I probably won’t try and port it to run on a phone/tablet as a natural app.
      The myriad of different sized screens and aspect ratios would make it a project that would require more skills than I have in the area.
      I am however going to try and create an in-browser version, that one in theory should work on your phone.
      Still studying and learning what I need to know for that one however, might have something more concrete by the end of the year.
      All the best, Mario

  2. Hi, i hawe a problem with the autosorth button. when i click it, it doesnt sort may panels. they youst stay in the unplaced box. What is wrong? Sory for my english, i am from Slovenia(evropa).

    • Hi Marko, It sounds like you have the wrong thickness setting on the panels and the sheets.
      If your panels are 6mm, and your sheet is 9mm, it will not work.
      They need to both be the same. I’ve sent you an email showing you what I mean as well. Cheers,

      • I am also having some issues with the auto sort (I have just downloaded the trial version). I have narrowed it down to being a problem with it not auto sorting when grain direction is selected. It sorts the piece if it’s tagged as N/A but adding a grain direction results in it being an unplaced panel.

        I am running Java Version 8 Update 131 on Windows 10

        Even in spite of that one issue, I have been waiting for a program exactly like this and love it… will still be purchasing 🙂

        • Hi Mary, apologies for not seeing this comment earlier. That behaviour is correct as far as I have coded it. The panel with grain direction on it is not able to be sorted into a sheet, so the program does not know where to put it, ie, it can not be sorted. To solve that, either remove grain direction from the panel or add it to a sheet. Glad that Fit It solves a problem for you, hope it works out well!

  3. How soon do you expect to have the fix for the export function for the Mac 10.9.5 ?
    When the file is exported can it then be printed ?

    Thank You

    • Hi Lawrence, in theory I already have a working fix for this issue. It only affects certain Mac installations which is why it didn’t appear in testing. 3 out of 4 people who did have problems with it now say that it works, just waiting for one more person to get back to me. Soon as they do, I will update the downloadable and trial versions.
      Once the image is exported, you can print, email or do anything else you normally can do with an image file on your computer. Cheers, Mario

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