Fit It – Purchase


Stop wasting wood and start saving money!


Useful for timber lengths / sheetgoods / glass / plaster and more!



  • Fit It will run on Windows, Apple and Linux machines.
  • No minimum system requirements other than Java – if you can can load this web site up, your computer is capable of running Fit It

Commercial or Business Licence Click to purchase!

The purchase fee for business use is $250aud which gives you full use of Fit It on an unlimited number of PC’s within your business – but excludes any rights to on-sell, claim ownership or distribute Fit It outside of your company. Your development requests and suggestions also get put to the very top of the queue.

No, I can’t force you to do the right thing and buy this version if you use Fit It a lot, but hey, if I’m saving you a substantial amount of money… How will you sleep at night?

This purchase is not required for YouTube channel owners and similar content creators; but applies to actual woodworking/cabinetry/glazier/and similar businesses who use Fit It to save money each day.

 If you would like to purchase the source code to Fit It, please contact me for more information.